Seth Godin on Marketing: WHAT

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July 14, 2015 by DJ Elroy

Next in my of Seth Godin’s Marketing tips: WHAT.

WHAT story are you telling/living/spreading?

Music used to speak for itself.

Not anymore. Now it seems like almost everybody is a DJ or an electronic music producer or knows somebody in “the biz”. Yes, music is still the most important aspect, but it’s no longer the only thing to consider. Once you’ve decided on your target audience, it’s important to show them what separates you from everybody else. Why should they care about you over the next guy?  What is it about you that will convince them to give you a shot, to invest their time?

You’ve got to be a person. Share your ups and downs. Musicians used to sit in their tower and ignore the little people for the most part. They’d live behind the tinted windows of the limos, they’d stay safe backstage behind the bounced, away from the crowds. But that’s not how the game is played anymore. Don’t be afraid to try and fail.

Interaction with fans not only helps you win more, it helps you keep them.

How do you get your story out?

You’ve got to be engaged on social media. It’s as simple (and difficult) as that.

Here are a few quick ideas to help connect with fans:

Include gig pics. Seeing other people having a good time at your shows goes a long way. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? And don’t forget to snap a few shots from the booth. People love to see shows from the DJ’s perspective.

Blog it. What better way to tell your story than to actually tell it. If writing isn’t your strength, find somebody to edit and/or proofread. And consistency is key! Once a month won’t cut it. Check in every week, even if it’s just to report on some new tunes you’ve heard, some shows you’ve done, or what you’ve got in the works.

Acknowledge others. Always leave a kind word about somebody that’s helped you out. And recognize genuine fans whenever you can. Tag them. Surprise them. Respect them.

Have fun. It’s not all about business all the time. Mix in some goofy pics or selfies. Write some personal status updates. Fans shouldn’t forget you’re human. Cut the spam to a minimum. Some self-promotion and personal advertising is necessary, but don’t make it overshadow everything else.

Remember, post things the competition doesn’t. Give your fans and followers a reason to stop by your page frequently. If they can’t define what you are or what you mean to them, you could be doing a better job. It’s not just about the music anymore.

Next week: Seth Godin on Marketing: WHEN

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