Seth Godin on Marketing: WHEN

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July 21, 2015 by DJ Elroy

WHEN do you expect people to take action? If the answer is ‘now’, what keeps people from saying, ‘later’? It’s safer that way.

Getting fans to notice you is hard nowadays. We’ve talked a bit about defining your target audience and how to sell your “story” along with your music, but fans are fickle. They’re always after the next big thing. Getting them to pay attention is hard. Keeping their attention is harder still.

There are too many options and not enough time when it comes to electronic dance music. I can’t listen to half the new mixes I get sent each week and only get to a fraction of the singles.

Unless they’re already in your camp, you need to convince listeners to check out your music (or your webpage, or your show, or whatever) right away. “Later” isn’t good enough. They may favorite a tweet or bookmark a mix to listen to later, but we all know that “later” rarely comes.

Instead of beating people over the head with one great mix or constantly re-posting about the latest article on your website, just mention it and move on. I know there is probably a pretty good chance it will get missed in the constant bombardment of information on Twitter (or in the case of Facebook, the fact that your “reach” is throttled to a small percentage of followers unless you pay them), so sure, try posting it at different times and see what gets the best response.

But don’t over-do it. There’s a difference between hustling and being annoyingly pushy. Find that line without burning out your audience.

Instead, be consistent. Post more than one new item a week. Interact with fans. Answer questions. Participate in conversations.

The key to getting new fans (and keeping them) is to make it about them. And the more you can tailor your marketing strategy to be about the fans, the more likely they are to take a chance right now and not wait until “later” to take action.

Next week: Seth Godin on Marketing: WHERE

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