Seth Godin on Marketing: WHERE

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July 28, 2015 by DJ Elroy

Next in my of Seth Godin’s Marketing tips: WHERE.

WHERE is the fear that prevents action?

We’ve covered the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHEN so far. But the the most important thing to remember about marketing is still the product. That’s you. That’s your music.

I always used to get hung up on making the “perfect mix”. And you know what? Most of mine were pretty good. But looking back I feel I could have reached a lot more ears if I didn’t worry so much about making my mixes perfect and spent more time about making them fun.

That’s not to say you should release sloppy work or settle for “good enough”. Don’t. But musicians are often their own harshest critic; don’t forget that the small things you notice probably won’t be heard by anyone else.

But maybe you’re not afraid of your work being criticized. Maybe it’s stage fright that’s holding you back. I remember my first several shows I had the “DJ Shakes”; every time I changed the tune and dropped the needle on the new record my hands were shaking dangerously. After the first few records the adrenaline kicked in and I was fine, but getting over that initial hump was a challenge.

Or maybe it’s not perfection, or stage fright, maybe it’s just the fear of actually succeeding that’s holding you back. The dream won’t die if you don’t fail, and you won’t fail if you don’t put yourself out there, right?

Next week: Seth Godin on Marketing: WHY

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