What’s your favorite sh*tty DJ Mix?

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September 9, 2015 by DJ Elroy

In this day of over-processed and superficial DJ mixes it’s sometimes hard to remember how far the art has come since the beginning. It’s hard to find a DJ mix that hasn’t been done on a computer and had the life polished out of it.

Back in the day not all mixes were gold.

But sometimes even the shitty mixes were great. Which just goes to prove that it all comes down to the music.

How much of the new generation of electronic dance music artists have even heard the older sets mixed without computer programming and sync buttons and drowned in FX? The first DJs didn’t used to make much (or any) effort to beatmatch. But once the idea caught on it was here to stay. Why play a bunch of short songs when you can mix them together continuously and keep the energy pumpin’ and the dancefloor jumpin’?

But there were plenty of bad DJ mixes floating around. It wasn’t like today that a quick cut and paste could smooth out any rough edges. It was often a one-shot recording.

So what’s your favorite shitty DJ Mix?

Oakenfold’s Tranceport was sloppy by today’s standards, but it’s still one of my Top 5 favorite mixes. Every track is a winner, and the feeling you get listening to it perfectly captures what the vibe used to be like.

Tiesto’s Summer Breeze is another. Definitely a different flavor than Oakey; this one still gives me chills. Again, good tunes but a little rough around the edges.

And almost all of the old Carl Cox sets. Hell, it was about the music and the energy!

But I think the best of the worst has to be DJ Skribble’s Essential Spring Break. It was a blend of poppy mainstream dance and some seriously sexy house tunes. But more than the (lack of) mixing, more than the (sometimes embarrassing, sometimes amazing) music, this set was just good fun!

Unfortunately I can’t find it on YouTube, but you can check it here on Amazon.

So what are some of your favorite shitty mixes? Let me know in the comments below!

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