PLUR is a Lie

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September 22, 2015 by DJ Elroy

PLUR kandi bracelets by sweetaskandi

PLUR kandi bracelets by sweetaskandi

Remember PLUR?

Peace – Love – Unity – Respect

PLUR is a lie.

Actually I’m not even sure it’s a thing anymore. But it used to be a snazzy catchphrase from back in my rave days. Back when people really meant it and didn’t just utter it as some type of thoughtless affirmation to tell the world “I’m hip, I’m into dance music”.

Lately it hasn’t been about Peace, Love, Unity, or Respect. It’s been about social justice and shaming those that might have a different opinion. Because face it, nothing says Peace and Love like sending death threats across Twitter. And Unity means forcing everybody to think the same. How about a little Respect? Only if you stay in line with the collective.

And I’m not even arguing that idiots shouldn’t be called out for saying or doing stupid things. They most certainly should. But the irony seems to be lost on so many of these self-righteous people.

Bullying the bully is now acceptable.

So much for that PLUR and progressive “tolerance”, eh? Sure, nobody’s got time for haters and bigots in the scene, but just as despicable and even more dangerous are the hypocrites of the social justice movement. The “scene” has become a bunch of jack-booted ravers goose-stepping to the cadence of the victim-hive mentality, beating down with that ironic PLUR-banner of EDMcCarthyism anyone that dares think for themselves, threatening and blacklisting all who fail to jump when told.

And now there’s a shakedown to get “safe zones” in nightclubs? If you’re so easily offended, I don’t think the tweets from some half-baked DJ are the worst of your problems. Get a fucking life. A “safe zone” won’t fix what’s really wrong with you. It won’t make you a better person. It won’t make you more fun to be around.

And it won’t make your life any better. You won’t be happy until you stop trying to be a victim all the time.

These are the people taking the real diversity — and the fun — out of not just the electronic dance culture but the entire pop music industry while we watch.

Down with the festivals allowing American Indian feathered headdresses. Down with performances of starlets wearing kimonos. Down with music videos shot in Africa.

It’s racist. It’s sexist. It’s insensitive.

No. It’s fucking ridiculous.

I remember when diversity used to mean a House DJ, a Jungle DJ, and a Trance DJ all on the main stage at a show. Now diversity has nothing to do with music and everything to do with “personal identity”. And that’s one of the big things wrong with the scene today.

I once wrote a blog post addressing the issue of women getting booked based soley on the fact that they were women and boy, I caught hell for it on the social sites. Of course, nobody left a comment on the blog, which makes me wonder if they actually read the piece (not likely) or just knee-jerked me in the nuts. But they sure felt good about themselves for flaming me in front of their friends. It makes me wonder why they got so defensive? One “famous” techno DJ in particular was a real bitch about it, and after watching her career over the past few years I’m starting to think maybe there was more to her rise to fame than just music. Because damn, she isn’t anything special behind the decks, and her productions are shallow at best.

Claiming to support peace, love, unity, and respect while making death threats and shouting down anyone whose opinion differs is like saying you support “diversity” and “inclusiveness” while you only allow one point of view into the party and making anyone who doesn’t sound off with the social justice buzzwords wait outside behind the velvet rope.

I guess if you don’t yell loud enough, people might question your loyalty to “the cause”.

Thoughts? Post ’em below.

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