Everybody (Still) Wants to be a DJ

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October 13, 2015 by DJ Elroy

Remember a few years back when DJing the cool new thing, and everybody seemingly thought all they needed was a “DJ in a Box” kit, a few records, and they would be the next big thing?

Apparently there are still people like that.

Here’s 3-year old DJ Arch Jr. Last time this lil’ dude was making the rounds I tried to leave it alone. But I couldn’t. I had to point out that he sucked. I wouldn’t have needed to say anything if I didn’t see almost everyone (even respected industry publications) telling us how awesome he was. I felt like I was the only one that would actually say “the emperor has no clothes”. Even a lot of the media coverage admit it without admitting it. Notice the qualifier in most of their pieces? He’s a pretty good DJ for a 3-year old.

Which could mean he’s not a good DJ at all.

You could say a kid draws great pictures for a 3-year old. But if he really was amazing, you wouldn’t need to say “for a 3-year old”. Right?

And I’m not trying to take away anything from him; it’s great that he’s so into DJing at such a young age. If he keeps up with it (and assuming he’s not in a “tiger-mom” situation), he could be amazing when he gets old enough to play in a club.

This just goes to show that anyone can be a DJ. He obviously has no idea what he’s doing. I’ve seen a lot of locals playing here with that same blank look on their faces, but I think they had some idea of what they were supposed to be doing. Maybe.

But this guy?


The bigger problem is that everybody seems to think DJing is something that takes a lot of skill or talent, when really all you need to do is be able to push a few buttons and turn a few knobs.

Of course, being a good DJ takes something more altogether. It takes years of practice, it takes a solid technical foundation, an understanding of the gear, of the music; it takes creativity, it takes more experience than you can get in your first 3 years of life, and it takes a whole lot more than I care to write about in this post.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the basics can be picked up by almost anybody in an afternoon. A complete newbie can learn in a week.

And I suppose in this age of push-play prodigies, pre-recorded mixmeisters, and bubble-gum ghostwriters, it doesn’t take much to wow the masses. Maybe the pretentious mockery the DJing culture has made of itself is one of the reasons while satire sites like Wunderground are so funny (and often so hard to tell what’s parody and what’s real).

Do you think I’m being too hard on him? Or on the media that’s fawning over him? Or am I just being a jaded asshat? Let me know in the comments below!

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