Give Away Your Best Work for Free

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October 27, 2015 by DJ Elroy

Producers, DJs, artists, and musicians, take note. At least to the first Q&A.

If the video below doesn’t play, check out the original here:

It seems so many¬†people are set against giving away their stuff for free. Gary V hits it when he explains that giving away your work for free isn’t a bad idea IF you do it strategically.

Why try to charge somebody for a mix when there are so many more available online for free? It will most likely result in nobody hearing your mix.

If you’re a producer, why not make regular “freebies” to hook new listeners?

I’ve always been an advocate of giving away your stuff for free and charging for gigs and merch. I know it doesn’t always work out, but when you’re starting why not give it a shot to see if it grows your fanbase? You’d be surprised…

Some of the other questions on the vid may be relevant too. Like the one about hustling. Worth a watch. Apply advice as needed.


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