Stacey Pullen Balance 028 [review]

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November 10, 2015 by DJ Elroy

stacey pullen

Balance 028 mixed by Stacey Pullen

US Release Date: 13 November 2015

Stacey Pullen is one of the most underrated DJs in America. He’s from the old school, a pioneer, one of the few remaining names that can claim to have been around almost as long as the founding fathers of techno themselves.

“Growing up in Detroit, we had a history of DJs who had radio shows – whether it was a mix or a show that showcased new music.”

He works hard, he plays harder, but despite his success and popularity, he’s managed to stay underground and avoid the corruption and evil eye of commercial electronic dance music.

If you ask me, that’s a good thing.

Check out the full review on the Big Shot Magazine site:

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