The Decline of Electronic Music News

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December 8, 2015 by DJ Elroy

Why does  so much of the electronic music media seem to be following Rolling Stone into the land of politics and social issues? What were once good sources of music, news, and information about the club scene has fast been sliding downhill into the land of activism and social justice crusades with the spreading of mis-information and just plain stupid “feel good” articles.

Sure, they do the obligatory music reviews and artist interviews and still sometimes even decide to share relevant news about the music and nightlife industry, but even their music-related stories are getting more vapid by the week. I understand the web is a click-driven machine, but some of these stories drive me away from sites and make me question their credibility.

Over the summer I got the sense it wasn’t just about music anymore when the writers started questioning the diversity in the scene or complaining that there aren’t enough of [pick a victim group] as DJs or “how you too can take a stand against global warming!”

Yes, they do occasionally still have interesting articles and I don’t mind sharing those, but this new trend is disappointing. I don’t really know if it’s the electronic music media pushing an agenda or just reacting to one. I see it happening more in other industries too (like video games and professional sports), so maybe it’s the new, hip thing to say “OMG, why is there “wage inequality” among DJs?” or “hey, this idiot said something stupid and offensive so let’s blacklist him because if he doesn’t agree with us he doesn’t deserve to be heard” or “this guy is bullying a certain group of people and we all know bullying is wrong so let’s bully him back because it’s ok if we do it”.

If you follow some of the big sites closely I know you’ve probably seen these articles or something similar.

But I’d always considered some of the big players to be above that nonsense.

Guess I was wrong.

Opinion pieces are fine, (in fact, that’s mostly what I do here, hence the name Rantings of a Jaded Raver). But I don’t make daily stops to these electronic dance music news sites to get a guilt trip because “the scene” hasn’t done enough for cause X or cause Y or cause Z.

If you’re going to editorialize, that’s great. But don’t expect the same level of credibility you’d have if you’d stick to the more fact-driven stories. People don’t visit my blog to get the latest news; they come to get a dose of real-talk.

I often rant and rave, but that’s my thing. And it seems that nearly every time I do, I lose half a dozen followers.

Oh well.

Just because you can loosely tie a topic to dance music with a little lot of spinning and stretching doesn’t mean it’s relevant and it doesn’t mean people need to care about it.

So if want my support (and business), knock off your self-righteous articles and give me more of what I want.


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