A Time for Dancin’


December 29, 2015 by DJ Elroy

Over the past few years I’ve been working on moving away from the heavy lifting at the gym and toward something a little more friendly to my middle-aged body. That’s included swapping the bench press and squats for body-weight exercises and more low-impact cardio work. I’ve lost the bulk of the gorilla bod I had in my teens and twenties and have sculpted in its place lean muscle. I look great (well, good anyway) and I feel great.

But one thing I’ve been neglecting until recently is dancing.

I think I really stopped dancing at clubs when I started getting gigs. I couldn’t just show up and dance the night away; once I started playing going to the club (or other events) turned into a job. I had to network. I had to promote myself, I had to market my music, I had to play, and later on I had to take pictures of the events as well.

Over the past few months, however, I’ve been getting the urge to dance again. I was never really good, but that didn’t matter because I had fun. And nowadays dancing an extra 30-60 minutes each evening¬†is a great way to burn off extra calories (400-700 according to my Fitbit) and it loosens me up and is a good counter-point to the body-weight workouts I do in the mornings.

Here is one of my¬†favorite dance videos. I plan to keep posting more awesome dance vids (old and new) every once in a while throughout 2016. I’ve got a few more awesome routines from Fik-Shun lined up already.

And no, I cannot dance like this. And won’t be able to.


Share some of your favs in the comments below!




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