The Return of Vinyl?

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February 2, 2016 by DJ Elroy

Can Panasonic’s recently announced Technics turntable or even Sony’s new PS-HX500 renew interest in vinyl?

Sure it can.

But will it bring vinyl back to clubs and DJs around the world?


I hate to say it (well, not really), but vinyl is not coming back, at least not for working DJs. Vinyl is great for us oldsters who want to relive our glory days, and vinyl is great for hipsters to have something to discuss over PBRs when they get tired of talking about beards and skinny jeans.

But vinyl just isn’t going to make a comeback in the clubs. It’s nothing more than a novelty show now. And I’m ok with that.

Sure it sounds better and it’s a lot more fun to perform with, but really, what else does it have going for it? It’s heavy. It’s easily damaged. It takes up a lot of space. And it costs a lot more. So, um, why go back?

And face it, it takes skill to master the turntables. That’s something new DJs don’t have time for anymore.

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