Balance Presents Patrice Bäumel [preview]

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March 3, 2016 by DJ Elroy

Balance Presents Patrice Bäumel

Patrice Bäumel occupies a highly distinctive and less-trodden niche in electronic music. He operates at the intersection of the emotive and the technical; his keen ear for melody and drama working in tandem with intricate sound design and experimental templates. While you could loosely label him as a ‘techno’ artist, his love of ambient, electronica and thereabouts are just as crucial to his musical identity as any sense of dancefloor machination might be.
A stalwart of the Amsterdam scene who held residencies at the legendary Club 11 and Trouw, he has proved himself to be a formidable producer with releases on Kompakt, !K7, Get Physical, My Favorite Robot and Systematic as well as his acclaimed debut album Vapour. He has time and again proven his skill in crafting intricate, often conceptual mixes, frequently weaving in unusual field recordings, found sound and speech samples to add a hypnotic layer of otherworldliness to the proceedings. Here he joins the illustrious Balance Presents cannon, joining the likes of Guy J, Kölsch, Fur Coat and jozif in the series of one-disc mix compilations and following recent double-disc releases from the Australian curators by Magda and Stacey Pullen.

More info:…trice-baumel/

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