Size Matters

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April 5, 2016 by DJ Elroy

It seems that as electronic dance music becomes more corporatized and commercialized and *shudder* more “mainstream”, everything is getting bigger. Bigger venues. Bigger crowds. Bigger events. And that means more DJs. More music. More shows.

Even more days per show.

But is that really the direction we want to go?

I was thumbing thru a recent issue of DJ Mag and buried at the end of an article about a long-running electronic music festival was an insightful quote from DJ Marky:

“I think the mission of the DJ is to show people and teach people about good music. What I think nowadays with the technology and all the facilities, it’s a bit difficult because now the DJs don’t want to teach the crowds, they want to be superstars.”

I completely agree.

But do kids today really want to learn about music? Naw. They just want to be told what to like. In this age of diversity and individuality, people just want to fit in.

How about the DJs? A lot of them do indeed want to be superstars, and the new crop of clubbers seems to be just fine with that.

And if it works for the DJ and works for the dancefloor, nothing’s gonna change.

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