Ranting of a Jaded Raver: The Hotmix

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April 19, 2016 by DJ Elroy

In a discussion with some old DJ friends over the weekend somebody made the comment about what a shame it was that some jocks don’t let the songs play out anymore.

Why is this necessarily a bad thing? Done right, the “hot mix” style sounds great. Sure, it does need to be the right kind of music; not all music is made for spitfire slams and megamixes.

And it needs to be a DJ that knows how to do it. I’ve heard too many try and fail.

But remember the old hotmixes we used to dig, like the ones from Bad Boy Bill, To Kool Chris, Bobby D, and the other B96 Mixmasters? Most of them seemed to come out of Chicago, but there were those representin’ the style around the county, like Richard Vission (back when he had the “Humpty”) from Los Angeles.

That was rapid-fire hotmixing done right.

Of course, the stuff being played today isn’t the same simplistic structure with repetitive beats and quick hooks from back in the golden days of the hotmix. Music has become more dynamic, more complex, and thus not as suitable for the old school style.

And most genres (progressive trance, for example) could never work without a complete intro, build, breakdown, etc, anyway.A lot of music is structured to be played start-to-finish. I get that.

But there will always be a place in my heart for the hotmix.

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