The Return of MTV? No.

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May 3, 2016 by DJ Elroy


The headlines and a recent article about new plans to “put the music” back in MTV caught my eye.

Then I read it.

No, it’s not a return to the Music Television we grew up with. It never will be. It can’t be. Not with any video available anytime you want it, online. Nowadays you don’t have to sit through all the commercials and crap songs you don’t like just to see your favorite vids; you can just search them out for yourself. And you don’t have to snore through something that’s not rocking; you can just skip ahead to the next song! People can get their music fix on the internet; official videos and live concerts and almost everything else MTV used to deliver seems to be available at the click of a button.

Watch only what you want and move to the next if you don’t like it.

You can’t do that with a television channel.

So why would MTV bring back the old format anyway?

The ideas they’ve floated so far – a reality series built around a hip-hop competition, a revamped “unplugged”-type show, and an LA battle-of-the-bands run – might prove to be a spike in ratings, but this certainly won’t be a return to the golden-era MTV of old.

So no, don’t get excited. It’s just more reality TV.

“We’re on a mission to reignite MTV with everything that makes it one of the world’s most iconic brands – its soul of music, its love of pop culture, and its unexpected, groundbreaking creative,” said Sean Atkins, president of MTV, in a statement. “What we share today is just the beginning, but it’s a strong first step in the journey and shows how aggressively we are moving to energize the extraordinary promise of this great brand.”

Not sure they can fit any “music” in between all the reality garbage, political tripe, and social justice propaganda. But hey, points for trying, right? Don’t they realize their “iconic brand” has been tarnished beyond redemption?

Too little, too late. Your day is done, and you can join music-turned-activist outlets like Rolling Stone in irrelevancy.

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