Interview: Darin Epsilon

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May 10, 2016 by DJ Elroy


It’s been said that success is not the key to happiness, rather happiness is the key to success. But how does one measure success? Some in the music biz quantify sold-out shows, album sales, chart placement or ranking in the top slots of Internet DJ lists as winning. Some measure it in terms of money earned or product quality. Maybe even personal contentment or the level of happiness brought to others. Success can be achieving goals or simply doing what you love. But normally success requires work. Hard work.Darin Epsilon’s rise has been anything but overnight; he’s paid his dues as both a producer and touring DJ, a label boss, a musician and a marketer. In the meantime he’s built a musical brand; hosts a popular podcast; and has worked hard to earn each and every fan he’s won over the years. Yet despite that success, he remains accessible.

Check out the rest of my interview with Darin Epsilon on the BigShotMag website! 

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