Digweed Live in Montreal Finale [review]

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June 9, 2016 by DJ Elroy



Got a chance to check out Diggers’ newest 9-disc mix recently, and was asked to write a review for the 3-disc Finale for Big Shot Magazine. Check it:

There are few things more satisfying than having your cake and eating it too, and John Digweed’s Live in Montreal Finale is a rich three-disc dessert to top off the original six-disc main course. It’s the final piece of Bedrock’s biggest project to date; this punch in the sweet tooth is a retrospective look at Diggers’ epic eleven-hour marathon set from Stereo, spanning nine total discs. The Finale picks up where the original left off, with an underground attitude on a dark and sweaty dance floor, non-stop beats and pounding drums on driving techno and deep tech-house cuts. It’s Bedrock boomin’ all the way; big-energy music without the obvious anthems and EDM bro-hyms.

Check out the full review: http://newsflash.bigshotmag.com/reviews/44678/

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