BigShotMag Jan ’17 Top 10

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January 31, 2017 by DJ Elroy


Kickin’ off the new year with some deep progressive tech house tunes. Happy 2017!

As always, sample and support the artists on Beatport: 

01: Quivver – “Keeps Me Awake” (Dr Mabuze RMX) (Baroque Records)

02: Guy J & Khem – “Prism” (Lost & Founds)

03: Paolo Mojo – “All Night All Right” (Manuel de La Mare RMX) (Gastspiel Records)

04: PrinsJan – “Safari of Smiles” (Roger Martinez RMX) (90watts)

05: Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur – “Temporary Sanity” (Cornucopia RMX) (Lost & Found)

06: Harold Heath – “Five Minutes More” (Spring Tube)

07: Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – “Sad Robot” (D-Nox & Beckers RMX) (Bedrock Records)

08: TomCole – “Save Me” (Ewan Rill RMX) (Baroque Records)

09: Khen – “Never Lose Your Innocence” (Coldharbour Recordings)

10: Peter Martin – “Secret Door” (Cid Inc RMX) (Se-Lek-Shun)

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