And the Dance Music Douche Award Goes to…

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June 22, 2017 by DJ Elroy

Dance music’s douche of the year award goes to *envelope please* none other than MOBY.


You know who I’m talking about. Or at this point in his career, maybe you don’t.

Exhibit A: His latest album and the promotional music video. Have you seen it? I’d link to it here but I don’t want to support him or his greedy use of capitalism to make money. And I’m sure he’d agree with me, because apparently greed and capitalism and making money are wrong.

I’d say his new work is nothing but the elaborate publicity stunt of a desperate has-been, but I really do think Moby is ignorant enough to actually believes what he talks about in some self-righteous and self-justifying, hypocritical way. He really believe in his radical activist positions and isn’t just using this latest project as desperate a cry for attention. And I give him credit for at least being passionate about things*. But that’s not good enough for people like this; they also demand that you agree with them.

But on to my own rant.

It takes a lot to set yourself apart from the rest of the ignorant hive of naïve political entertainment drones, but Moby never shies away from a challenge.

Unless, of course, that challenge it to make a rational, logical argument to support any of his positions.

For somebody as progressive and tolerant and open-minded as Moby claims to be, he sure comes off as a bigot and full of hatred for anybody that disagrees with him.

I’m all for speaking out against evil and standing up for what you believe in, but the “Trump is Hitler” and “Capitalism Kills” and “America Sucks” tropes are not only untrue, they’re logically inconsistent.

And they aren’t even creative.

Once again, Moby disappoints on so many levels.

*How can you hate capitalism and still be happy to make a living through — wait for it — capitalism? Just wondering.

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