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DJ Elroy is the man with a plan.

He’s been mixing records since before your mom was seen doing lines off the floor of Studio 54’s DJ booth. He is an innovator in his own right and has led the evolution of dance music from the 70s disco era into the club scene of the 80s to the rave scene of the 90s and right into the 21st century! You may not know this, but in recent years Elroy has spawned several of his own sub-genres (including tizzy-house and its European offshoot sprochno).

Being pegged as a one trick pony is so 1998. DJ Elroy has overcome the typecast hurdle by throwing down the gauntlet on all genres and effectively making them his bitch. All of them. Critics have called him the “Chuck Norris of the dance music industry,” and he has lived up to the moniker.

El-Rizzle (as he known to close friends) has been seen giving mixing pointers to the legendary John Digweed and swapping new skratching techniques with the infamous Q-bert. He has headlined some of the biggest events in the state but has put his live performance schedule on hold to bring you this wonderful website. He is a member of the prestigious Masons, the Illuminati, and the NRA.

DJ Elroy spends his free time building tire-swings for starving children in Denver’s inner-cities and plans to be the first electronic music artist to walk in space.

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