BigShotMag January ’18 Top 10

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January 23, 2018 by DJ Elroy


New Big Shot Magazine chart for the new year! New housey stuff again with a few classics thrown in because, well, they’re still flippin’ sweet.

  • Vassili Gemini – Gitan (DJ Mibor RMX) (Green Queen Music)
  • Los Fumakerz – “Get House” (Household Digital)
  • Olive Dollar & Jesse Rose – “When We Heard Solid Groove” (Ardalan’s Switch-It-Up RMX) (Midnight Blend)
  • ZXX – “Feel So Good” (Spacedisco Records)
  • Danny Howells & Dick Trevor – “Dusk Til Dawn ft Erire” (Shapeshifters RMX) (iCompilations)
  • Conga Squad – “Live at K-Market” (Rescue RMX) (InStereo)
  • Gershon Jackson – “Huggin’ & Luvin'” (Chocolate Puma RMX) (Bargrooves)
  • Bart&Baker – “Communication ft Slim Gaillard” ( KeX RMX)  (Bart&Baker Music)
  • Robbie Rivera – “I’m So Addictive” (Saliva Commandos Extended RMX) (Juicy Music/Armada Music)
  • Jaco & Mr Hide –  “Sweet & Wild” (Olav Basoski RMX) (Dragber Records)

And bonus track! (But it’s no longer on Beatport):

Maxim Samos – “Alpha Storm” (An-2 Remix) (Theomatic Records)

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